Watercolour Painting Diploma Course

Watercolour Painting Diploma Course

Watercolour Painting Diploma Course

Watercolour Painting Diploma Course

Begin your creative and technical journey into the world of watercolour painting! Learn techniques, follow practical exercises, and develop your personal style. 

We’ll look at the work of professionals and learn how to create, learn from and display your work. 

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve got some experience in acrylics or oils and want to branch out, this course will have plenty for you to get stuck into.

A gentle and practical introduction to watercolour painting, you will learn the different tools and equipment used and follow detailed techniques with practical exercises. 
You will learn how to choose a subject, how to see it as a painter would, and how to find time to paint! The course will explore different styles of painting in watercolour and help you consider your own creative expressions. 

You will learn about light and shade, perspective and distance, traditional and modern techniques. 

You will keep a journal and sketchbook, and practical exercises throughout will help you build techniques while working in a reflective practice. Creative exercises challenge your perceptions and imagination, and solid technical practice builds your skill. 

Lastly, the course will ask you to consider yourself as an artist. From finding the time to paint to prioritising painting in a productivity-obsessed world, we will explore the value of pursuing a creative practice. 

Through considering others’ artwork throughout the course, you will learn to view the work of others as a painter, considering the painting as a whole and the details therein. 

You will learn techniques that you can transfer from critiquing professional painting to your own work and how to continually grow creatively. 

We will look at growing your artist’s portfolio and even selling your work online. 

To follow the course effectively, you will require various painting tools, such as brushes, paints, sketchbooks and accessories, and you will need space and time to paint. 

Access to the internet will allow you to view videos and websites, and if you can access local galleries, this will improve your critical eye too.

By studying this course, you will:

  • Develop a solid understanding of art theories
  • Receive practical instruction on the tools and techniques used in watercolour painting
  • Learn how to best display, preserve, and share your finished pieces
  • Create your own full-size painting, along with keeping a journal and sketchbook!

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

This course is a great introduction to watercolour painting for those who are new to the practice, those who are new to the medium but have painted in others, or those with a little experience in sketching.

If you are interested in building a relaxing, creative hobby that can help with mental health and self-care, build your creative and artistic skills, and maybe even your own online store or gallery, 

then this course will introduce you to the technical and creative skills you need to get started.

Watercolour Painting Diploma Course

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