The Great Calculus - Limits (Calculus 1)

The Great Calculus - Limits (Calculus 1)

The Great Calculus - Limits

The Great Calculus - Limits (Calculus 1)

Calculus experts from Oxford University and CalTech teach you everything you need to know about limits.

  • The meaning of a limit, and how to evaluate limits.
  • The definition and evaluation of one-sided limits.
  • Infinite limits, limits at infinity, limits and continuity.
  • Continuous and discrete functions.

Do you find traditional ways of teaching unengaging?

Are you looking for new and interesting ways to learn calculus / mathematics?

'The Great Calculus - Limits' course is for you!

This course covers LIMITS using animations, step-by-step guides, and real-world examples:

  • Videos: engaging animations to help you learn the topics
  • Definitions: Downloadable PDF with definitions linking to each topic
  • Questions: Downloadable PDF with questions and solutions following each video to test your new knowledge

If you’re taking a STEM degree (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), thinking about embarking on a career in a STEM field, looking at a change in direction, or you need to brush up your calculus / mathematics in order to advance your career, 'The Great Calculus - Limits' has you covered.

From the everyday to the extraordinary, Limits allow us to understand everything from car acceleration to the mysteries of black holes.

Calculus / mathematics is everywhere, and studying with 'The Great Calculus - Limits' can take you anywhere.

Limits (Calculus 1) - Course Content:

  • Analysis of graphs (predicting and explaining behaviour)
  • Limits of functions (one and two sided)
  • Limits for piecewise functions
  • Continuity and types of discontinuity
  • One sided limits
  • Infinite limits
  • Limits at infinity
  • Asymptotic and unbounded behaviour
  • Continuity over an interval

The Great Calculus is brought to you by BoxMedia together with an incredible team of maths experts from world-renowned universities like California Institute of Technology, University of Cambridge, and the University of Oxford.

The Great Calculus won the PLATINUM Award, the top prize in Motion Graphics Explanation at the 2021 AVA Awards.

The Great Calculus - Limits

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