How To Create A Blog That Makes You Money

How To Create A Blog That Makes You Money

How To Create A Blog That Makes You Money

How To Create A Blog That Makes You Money

When you first start out, keyword research and finding the right niche, might seem like an overwhelming task, I know it was for me when I started out. The first blog I started was in a niche that I liked and knew well so I could easily write articles on it, but the main keyword I was targeting wasn’t searched at all. 

I did get some traffic through other keywords I used in blog posts, but it got nowhere close to the nicheblogs I have at the moment. My new found success has everything to do with the foundation: the keyword research. 

Luckily, with trial and error, I learned the importance of good keyword research and this has lead to the fact that my latest nicheblogs are all ranking on the first page of google for their main keywords. Let me share my knowledge with you, so you will learn how to create a blog that makes you money right from the start.

First of all you will need to come up with a broad topic you have knowledge about (off course, if you’re planning on outsourcing the content writing the knowledge part isn’t necessary). Get a topic of at least 2 or 3 words long, one word topics are too broad to work with. 

Once you have picked your topic you’ll need to narrow it down. You will do this by searching for keywords through the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. 

This is a free keyword research tool and it’s the best in my book. Now, what does it tell you? When you search on your topic you will get a list of the keywords related to it and how many times they are searched each month.

So, now you have your list with related keywords, but how to know if they are good enough to make a blog about this topic that will make you money? As I said, through the google keyword tool you get a result for how many times a certain keyword is looked for in a month. 

Personally this number needs to be at least 2500 for me, but the more the better off course. Once you have found a keyword that has a good number of monthly searches you can take the next test: google competition.

For the next test you open up google and type in your niche phrase with quotations around it and click search. Google will give you the number of pages that contain this exact phrase. I keep this number below 200,000, but off course, the lower the number the better for you to rank high in the search results. 

If your keyword doesn’t pass this test, you can narrow it down some more, or try the next one on your list until you have found one that passes both test.

So, once you have found a keyword that passes both test, the next thing you need is a domainname with your keyword in it. I recommend using .com, .org and .net, although there are people that rank well with .info. I never tried them, but that is up to you. 

Also you do want a domainname that only contains your keyword and without hyphens. So this means you will need to get instead of or 

It is possible to rank well with hyphens in google, that’s not the problem, the problem is that most people will remember the name of your site, but won’t remember the hyphens, so if they went looking for you they would type in and this will send them to your competitor. 

Hyphens or no hyphens is a branding issue, not a ranking issue, but it’s one you have to consider when you buy the domainname for your new blog.

As you see, keyword research can be very time-consuming if you want to do it right. That’s why Niche Blogging Made Easy offers this to their customers. This means you can have a blog on a topic that is highly searched and has little competition, and the only thing you need to do is writing your blog posts and promote your blog.

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