SQL for Data Analysis: Solving Real-World Problems with Data

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SQL for Data Analysis: Solving Real-World Problems with Data

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SQL for Data Analysis: Solving Real-World Problems with Data

SQL for Data Analysis: Solving Real-World Problems with Data

A simple & concise mySQL course (applicable to any SQL), perfect for data analysis, data science, business intelligence.

  • The most important SQL to get you job ready fast.
  • To apply SQL to solve real-world business problems.
  • Excellent skills in handling, joining, and summarizing data.
  • How a realistic relational database works (using never seen before data).
  • To set up an analysis and solve problems from start to finish using SQL.
  • And how to decide which animals to see when you visit Australia

The SQL Tutorial for Data Analysis is designed for people who want to answer questions with data. Learning SQL is easy but can be used to solve challenging problems. Learn Python for business analysis using real-world data. yet it's employed by the world's largest companies to solve incredibly challenging problems.

This series focuses on the most frequent data science and analytical problems in the real-world, and aims at solving them with SQL.

Free Data Analysis Tutorial

  • intermediate sql for data analysis
  • data analysis with python sql and r
  • analyzing business data in sql
  • datacamp analyzing business data in sql
  • datacamp intermediate sql answers
  • sql business analytics
  • sql for business
  • sql reporting datacamp

My SQL learning experience was not ideal. When I started work I hadn’t the slightest idea what data was, let alone the power it brings to those who wield it skillfully. I took probably a year longer than necessary to master the SQL for data analytics. 

Even though I was practicing everyday on the job, I was slow to understand new concepts and struggled to remember new syntax.

Now as a full-time data analytics and insights manager, I have the hindsight to know it should have been much easier.

Note on the Short Version of the Course

I have decided to launch the course in the first instance as a free, shortened version. It is an excellent introduction to the basics of handling data.

Meanwhile, the full paid version is on the way, including lessons on summarizing, joining, and end to end problem solving. Sign up now while it's free and enjoy all the additional lessons for free when they arrive shortly.

You want to stand out in interviews for your dream job in data analysis, business intelligence, or data science.

You're a student wanting a taste of what real-world data analysis is like.

You're a product manager, marketing manager, or commercial manager, short on time but need to level-up in data skills to stand out in your career.

You're a budding data scientist: SQL is critical for feature engineering, which is a large part of any data science role. Plus, SQL is a much faster and easier route to data than Python.

You're already a data analyst using a different language but have moved to a company that uses SQL.
SQL for Data Analysis: Solving Real-World Problems with Data
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