Photography and Copyright: A Complete Guide for Photographers

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Photography and Copyright: A Complete Guide for Photographers

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Photography and Copyright: A Complete Guide for Photographers

Photography and Copyright: A Complete Guide for Photographers

What photographers should know for the protection of their photos
  • This course will help every photographer to gain the necessary knowledge how to use copyright in order to protect and profits from his or her photos
  • You will understand why copyright is important in the case of photography as a whole
  • This course will present you with the requirement for copyright protection, how it arises and what is the term of protection
  • You will learn what are the particular rights that every photographer has over an image
  • You will learn what is fair use of photographs
Photography has become extremely popular both from a creative and business point of view.

With the advent of new modern technology and the internet as a whole, photography is one of the most trendy areas for professional development.

That’s why every photographer needs to learn not only how to become more creative and skillful from a technical perspective, but also how to manage his or her works from a business and legal point of view.

This course is designed to teach photographers how copyright law can help them to control and benefit from their images in order to build a sustainable business model out of this profession.

Why is copyright so important for photography as a whole?

There are two main reasons.

First Reasons- copyright is a legal framework that protects every artistic work, including photographs, against their unauthorized use.

Copyright gives every photographer a tool to control the way his/her photos can be used and to prevent all sorts of infringing activities.

The idea behind copyright as a legal concept is to provide authors with an incentive for the creation of different works such as literature, artistic works (including photographs, paintings, sculptures), musical works, sound recordings, films, and broadcasts, etc.

In that way, the photographers can create new works relying on the copyright protection to receive a proper income from their original works.

This is crucial because without such rights it would be near impossible for photographers to make their living because everyone would be able to use their works for free.

Second reason is that copyright gives photographers a ground for making business with their photos. That is to say, copyright stipulates particular rules that allow business transactions with copyrighted images.


The materials available in this course are for educational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice or opinion. You should contact an attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. The aim of this course is to teach you about the most essential element of copyright protection over photos. The particular protection and rules for licensing of right over images can vary depending on the national legislation in the relevant country. The opinions expressed at or through this course are the opinions of the individual author only.
Photography and Copyright: A Complete Guide for Photographers
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