How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

When a visitor searches for a Keyword, your website’s position on Search Engine Result Page is your website’s search engine ranking. For a successful website, as we need a huge traffic from Search Engines, we should improve search engine ranking. Here I am going to discuss the top search engine ranking factors those will improve search engine ranking.

10 Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking (SEO)

Learn how to improve your Google rankings through SEO. Money alone can't buy Google rank, but with a little time and strategy you can improve your position on the search engine results page (SERP) 

1. Using Keywords

Keyword is one of the most important factors to improve search engine ranking. Much of Search Engine Optimization is done while writing your post or content. I mean using planned keywords in your content. Keywords help your visitors and search bots know what your content or post is all about. They also help you to get position in 1st page of Search Engine. You should use the main keyword in Title, Link, Heading tags, Description tag, and other keywords in post/content body. One of the popular Keyword research tool is Google Adwords.

2. Importance of Meta Data

Meta description, meta title, meta keywords are mainly important for Search Engine Bot. Besides, meta data helps your reader to know about your post and decide if it will meet his demand. So use meta tags to increase your search engine ranking position.

3. Content Quality

High quality content is also important for search engine ranking. Your content quality must be high, relevant to your site, easy to understand, clean and in detail. You should make such content as your visitors want. Your content must be unique not copied from other websites or repeated. Content language must be easy to understand.  

4. Clean URL

A clean and short URL is also essential to improve ranking of Search Engine. The post or content URL needs to be clean and short. Be sure, your URL tells what your content is about. You should put the main keyword of the post in URL. As a result, when a visitor searches the keyword, Search Engine can easily find your content for him.

5. Quality Backlink

By now, it is known that high quality backlinks form trustworthy and high ranked websites are the main factor to increase ranking in Search Engine. Backlink is also a factor of your popularity. The more backlinks you have, Search Engine thinks the more popular you are. But backlinks from low quality websites are harmful for your site. These cause undervaluation of your site by Search Engine.

6. Internal Linking

Making a post linked to other posts of same website is internal linking. You may link your posts to other related websites that you own. Internal Linking drives traffic to other posts even if they are old. Thus it increases page views of your site. To increase search engine ranking, internal linking is very important.

7. Social Activity

Now everything on the internet has become social. So this is also important for better search engine ranking how much it is shared, talked, visited and active. A website should increase social activity for higher search engine ranking position.

8. Error free, Clean and Fast Loading Web Page

Your webpage must be clean and fast loading. Most of the visitors leave your site while it is taking much time to load. Fast loading site is important for search engine ranking. Flash and JavaScript is not fast loading and SEO friendly. So you should use HTML 5 that is fast loading. Clean and attractive website keeps visitors coming to your site.

9. Publishing Frequency

It is also important to publish at least 1 post regularly. Some regular visitors wait for a new post but if the don’t find anything new, they leave visiting regularly. Crawlers and Spiders visit pages more frequently if you publish your post daily. If it is possible you publish 2 or 3 posts regularly. This is very much important for the popularity of your website and to improve search engine ranking.

10. Using SEO Tools

There are many SEO tools those claim themselves to increase search engine ranking. Some tools are harmful for your site. But there are few good tools that really work.  Finding a right tool is very important. So, you must be careful of what you are doing.

The above factors are the topmost factors that you should consider while writing and optimizing your content for better search engine ranking.

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