Holistic Facials Diploma Course

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Holistic Facials Diploma Course

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Holistic Facials Diploma Course

Holistic Facials Diploma Course

The Holistic Facials Diploma Course is essential if you intend to find employment or open a business offering holistic facials.

If you already provide facials and wish to improve your knowledge or you are looking to transition from non-holistic to holistic treatments, this course will provide the information you need.

Take the Holistic Facials Training Course and learn theories, benefits, and professional best practices related to natural facelift massage, reflexology and more.
  • What is holistic facial?
  • What are the natural facial treatment?
  • What do I need to give myself a facial?
  • What does a facial do to your face?
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Holistic Facials Diploma Course

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The Holistic Facials Diploma Course begins by covering the basics - explaining what holistic facials are, how they work, the benefits, and the difference between a standard facial and a holistic facial. 

During this introduction, you’ll learn all about the basic principles behind holistic facials, the long-term relationship between a client and therapist and the benefits of treating a person holistically.

We also look at the different types of essential oils, carrier oils, and face mask ingredients, the benefits of commonly-used holistic facial ingredients and the types of ingredients used in a holistic facial mask.

Next, we dive into the process of providing holistic facials. Starting with the consultation process, we look at why it is important to really understand your clients and the client questionnaires used.

You’ll discover the benefits of looking at a client’s lifestyle, the importance of hydration, exercise, mindfulness, and why rest and sleep are vital to a healthy lifestyle.

You’ll learn about natural facelift massage techniques, including the meaning and benefits of facial massage, the different types of facial massage and movements, facial reflexology pressure points and how to use them effectively in massage therapy, and the various lymphatic drainage principles and techniques.

You’ll consider client care. We explore topics such as how to give your clients wholesome and holistic care, what a holistic facial session entails, what is involved in the long-term treatment of clients and the ethics, confidentiality and responsibilities you have towards your clients. 

We also will look at the different aspects of setting up a holistic facial business, how to attract clients online and offline, and how to manage costs while setting up your business.

Holistic Facials Diploma Course
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