Graphic Design Diploma Course

Graphic Design Diploma Course

Graphic Design Diploma Course

Graphic Design Diploma Course

Requiring no prerequisite knowledge, the Graphic Design Diploma Course provides you with all the information you need to get started in this creative industry. 

You’ll gain an understanding of the history, theories, practices and principles of the topic, and even be guided through taking on paid work as a freelancer or through your own business.

To understand where graphic design is now, you first need to take a step back to appreciate where it has been. 

You will be guided through the history of graphic and industrial design, learning about key personalities and moments, and how they helped to form the modern approach to design.

Good graphic design is governed by certain theories and laws, such as colour theory, the role and use of grids, typography and much more. 

The Graphic Design Diploma Course takes you through these fundamentals and the basic elements that make up the practice.

Putting the theory to practical use, the course explains the tools, skills and knowledge that good graphic designers must develop. 

A big part of the early stages of the creative process involves making quick sketches and then more finished drawings. 

You will learn the importance of developing good drawing skills, the difference between sketching and drawing (understanding when each is appropriate) and how to make drawing easier by separating elements into simplified forms that you can build upon.

An understanding of letterforms is one of the most important skills for a graphic designer to possess. 

This course outlines the difference between typography, lettering, and calligraphy and provides step-by-step guidance on drawing calligraphy and adjusting letterforms with typography.

Having learnt about the basics of individual design elements – colour, shape, texture, space, and form, the Graphic Design Diploma Course expands on each area, explaining their individual importance. 

From this understanding, you are guided through joining these together. 

Illustrated explanations offer a coherent understanding of composition, Gestalt Theory, and other design principles. You will also learn about why graphic design is used and the differences between print and web design.

Graphic design is an old practice that has changed massively with the advent of affordable computing. 

This course explains how computers function and how traditional practices and processes have changed with the digital age. 

It also provides you with a list of industry-standard software and online resources that are essential to the modern graphic designer.

Every project a designer takes on is a problem or a challenge to help others understand something, so to be an effective designer requires good problem solving. 
The Graphic Design Diploma Course examines processes that will aid you in becoming a more proficient problem solver and teaches you how to create a design concept that will guide the creation of your solution. 

You’ll learn about what various tools included with image editors do and how they can aid you in creating your designs.

This course offers guidance in setting up a business or becoming a freelancer and how these options compare to being a salaried employee. 

You will explore the services you can provide, the paperwork you need to be aware of when setting up, how to create a business identity, setting up your workspace, finding your niche, and how to create and action an effective marketing plan.

A portfolio can secure or lose you clients, so you need to make sure it’s a good one. A good portfolio should showcase your talents and demonstrate that you are capable of providing the solutions that your clients are looking for. 

You’ll learn how to create a portfolio that sells your services and matches up with your clients’ needs.

With so many different markets and industries that use graphic design for vastly varied purposes, there is no standardised pricing for this type of work. This can make it difficult to decide what to charge. 

The Graphic Design Diploma Course advises you on how to calculate your pricing based on various factors and the services you offer, and how to go about negotiating the price of a project with a client.

Who would benefit from the course?

This is a specialised course, designed for those who may have little or no knowledge of the subject but wish to pursue graphic design as a career.

If you play with graphic design but don’t understand the decisions you make during the creative process and would like to concretise your understanding of the subject and of particular elements of the design process, this course will get you there.

Existing graphic designers wishing to go it alone will learn how to set themselves up as a freelancer or start a business, including how to understand and set pricing and create a tailored portfolio that shows you can meet the needs of specific clients.

Graphic Design Diploma Course

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