Studying abroad? Know All About Student Travel Insurance

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Studying abroad? Know All About Student Travel Insurance

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Studying abroad? Know All About Student Travel Insurance

Studying abroad? Know All About Student Travel Insurance

one of the important things that you need to do before undertaking a journey is buying a travel insurance plan to protect you and your belongings against any unforeseen mishap or misadventure such as falling ill or loss of baggage.

  • It is difficult without a student travel policy
  • These are cheaper than local health policies
  • Coverage expires until education is completed
  • Some varsities that are making it mandatory
  • Trouble with unforeseen circumstances without policy

Srikar‌ went to Canada for higher studies. Everything was fine but he could not stand the new environment. Health deteriorated. He went to the hospital for treatment. But he could not bear the cost there. He returned to India after consulting his parents. If the same person is taking travel or health insurance ...! The situation was different.

The desire to complete higher education abroad continues to grow among our country's students. Not just among students. 

These kinds of aspirations are also growing in their parents. Most of the students from our country go to study mainly in America, Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Russia and New Zealand. But, in fact sending children abroad is not that easy. 

Parents of students apply for education loans to cover the high costs of education and accommodation abroad. After all forgetting to take proper protective measures in advance to withstand the undesirable situations that may arise when stepping on foreign soil. 

  • Can you be refused travel insurance?
  • What happens if no travel insurance?
  • Can I get travel insurance if I'm already abroad?
  • Is it good to go abroad for study?

That is why those who have done so should not forget to take travel insurance under any circumstances.

Medical and dental Treatments

Those who take Student Travel Insurance should make sure it includes medical and accident coverage. This will protect you from accidental medical expenses incurred abroad. Coverage of dental treatments is also very essential. 

Because the cost of dental care abroad is five times higher compared to our country. That is why Indians who have settled in America and other countries come to India for dental treatment.

Documents, legal Costs

In travel insurance, it is important to ensure that legal costs, passports and other valuable documents are covered in case of theft. Comprehensive travel insurance policies fall into this category. 

Baggage checks will compensate for delays. Student Travel Insurance is different from Travel Insurance. Travel insurance only covers one person trip. Its expiration also expires once the tour is complete. However, student travel insurance is valid abroad for the duration of the academic term.

Before Taking a Policy

Educational institutions also understand the need for their students to have this insurance. As a result, some colleges abroad offer some types of policies to their students. However, there is an opinion that some foreign colleges are enforcing the requirement to take the policy from their respective institutions. Otherwise it does not apply to all. Only a few universities do this. Suggest some general rules. 

Students have the freedom to take a policy that suits them from any institution. In this context, the student can take travel insurance before leaving India. Or you can take out a general health insurance policy after moving there. But of the two, travel insurance is the best. Because it is a comprehensive policy that offers many types of coverage. 

Also, if you take out a general health insurance policy in a foreign country, you will have to take out separate travel insurance every time you return home within the academic term. Students need to know in advance whether it is mandatory to take out an insurance policy as per the rules of the colleges where they are admitted.

Policy Cost

The cost of Student Travel Insurance premium taken in our country is lower than the policy taken abroad. However, this premium also depends on which country you are going to. 

For example in America the policy cost for a higher education trip is higher compared to Africa. The reason is that medical costs are huge in America. Columbia University is offering $ 3 million in health coverage for Rs 1,30,000. 

It is possible to get the same $ 5 lakh coverage at home for Rs 46,851. Students going to Canada now have the facility to take the University Health Insurance Plan there. It costs Rs 40,000 per year. However, the premium is not crucial in policy selection. It is important to have easy access to medical treatments. 

You can get cashless treatments at network hospitals with policies offered by some insurance companies. If you choose a university policy, you should consider the pros and cons in advance and make an appropriate decision.

Superior Services

The compensation payment process depends on the insurance company. Most of the insurance companies in our country have contracts with emergency services companies abroad. You will need to call the local number of the country where you are staying for the claim.

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