German for Beginners Diploma Course
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German for Beginners Diploma Course

German for Beginners Diploma Course

German for Beginners Diploma Course

Welcome to the wonderful world of German, one of the most widely spoken languages, with over 90 million German-speaking people worldwide. 

Accompanied by an audio version of each module to ensure accurate comprehension, this course has been designed to make learning simple, fun, and focused on helping you to speak conversational German as quickly as possible, along with providing you with a framework to express almost anything you want in a language that will, hopefully, become your lifetime companion.

The course begins by guiding you through your first steps in the German language. You will learn how to read, introduce yourself, tell others what you want in the most basic and simple way and express yourself with only a handful of words.
Through our word-to-word translations, you’ll become familiar with German sentence structure and learn how to ask questions. 

You’ll increase your conversational options as you expand your vocabulary with words such as "no", "but" and "because" and be able to talk about people and things without constantly repeating their names, as you learn pronouns, including "yours", "mine", "you" and "me".
You’ll get a clear overview of the German case system and learn phrases that will help you to master it and learn how to address people formally and understand what it means to offer someone the "Du".
In addition to talking in the present tense, you’ll learn to talk about the past and future. 

We’ll cover the two main past forms in German and how to talk about how your day was. While talking in future tense is relatively easy, there are some complications, which we’ll guide you through. 

We’ll give you phrases to study and make sure that you can talk about your future plans with ease.
As with other languages, German has some peculiarities. We’ll look at how to make your own personal words and find out why some German verbs are "separable" and others "inseparable".
The course concludes with a look at numbers, as you learn how to talk about the time and understand prices.

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

Designed for those who can’t speak a word of the language, the German for Beginners Diploma Course is the ideal choice if you want to start speaking as soon as possible without letting complicated grammar rules get in the way. 

The course is focused on, but not limited to, providing you with guidance on quickly being capable of having everyday conversations with friends and strangers in an informal environment.

If you already have some knowledge of German, this course will help to strengthen your understanding of the foundations of the language.

After completing the course, you will have a level of comprehension that you can build upon by enrolling on an advanced course, engaging German speakers in conversation, visiting Germany, watching German movies and shows with subtitles or listening to German songs and looking up the lyrics.

German for Beginners Diploma Course

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