JavaScript Fundamentals Before Learning React

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JavaScript Fundamentals Before Learning React

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JavaScript Fundamentals Before Learning React

JavaScript Fundamentals Before Learning React

It makes good sense to master the understanding of  JavaScript you should be comfortable with before learning React.

After teaching React extensively (33.000+ students), be it online for a larger audience or on-site for companies transitioning to web development and React, I always come to the conclusion that React is all about JavaScript. 

Most of it boils down to JavaScript ES6 and beyond features and syntax, but also ternary operators, shorthand versions in the language, the 'this' object, JavaScript built-in functions (map, reduce, filter) or more general concepts such as composability, reusability, immutability or higher-order functions. 

While you don’t need necessarily to master all of these before starting with React, they will come up while practicing it and so to learn them will put you at a great advantage.

This course is my attempt to give you comprehensive JavaScript skills that will make your React journey smooth and straight-forward.

JavaScript Fundamentals Before Learning React
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