Bash for Programmers: Learn Educative Interactively

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Bash for Programmers: Learn Educative Interactively

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Bash for Programmers | Learn Educative Interactively

Bash for Programmers: Learn Educative Interactively

Get started with Bash programming. Learn how to write custom programs in Bash to automate your repetitive tasks.

Ever wondered why command line is still in use even when there are hundreds of human-friendly GUI’s and tools available? Everyone in the programmer's world would agree on one thing: Command Line is far more powerful than any GUI. It provides a richer experience in terms of speed and expressiveness.

For beginners, it might be hard to appreciate its beauty and a little challenging to shift from an interactive interface to a blank box with just a "$" sign showing that keeps prompting the user to enter complex commands if you want to get something done. 

This is why we felt the need to build a course which could help the user overcome his/her fear of using the terminal (we have all been there).

The objective of this course is to help you get a strong grip over Linux, mainly focusing on BASH. You will be covering both, the theoretical and practical sides. 

First, you will learn a bunch of concepts necessary to understand things and then study some nifty commands to get useful things done out of them.

Bash for Programmers
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