Artificial Intelligence for Finance, Accounting & Auditing

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Artificial Intelligence for Finance, Accounting & Auditing

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Artificial Intelligence for Finance, Accounting & Auditing

Artificial Intelligence for Finance, Accounting & Auditing

Gain hands-on skills using 8 AI techniques (no coding!), and position yourself for this digital age (Level 1).

  • Chatbots (AI that can interact in voice and text with humans)
  • Robotic Process Automation + Intelligence (AI that automates business processes)
  • Internet of Things (AI that enables devices to communicate directly without human intervention)
  • Smart Analytics (AI that combines machine learning, business rules, expert knowledge and statistics)
  • Machine Vision (AI that can interpret images, handwriting, and scanned documents)
  • Natural Language Processing (AI that understands human language)
  • Speech Recognition (AI that can comprehend human speech, identify speakers and tones)
  • Machine Learning (AI that can analyze massive data and identifies patterns)

In this digital age, all careers have a computing element as digitization and automation comes to the forefront of business processes. Those who complete this course will be able to reposition themselves to initiate and implement AI innovation within their teams, and confidently walk into this AI age.

The 8 AI techniques that will be covered in this course include:

  • Chatbot (hands-on software: IBM Watson)
  • Natural Language Processing (hands-on software: RapidMiner with add-ons)
  • Machine Learning (hands-on software: RapidMiner)
  • Machine Vision (hands-on software: Google Apps)
  • Speech Recognition (hands-on software: IBM Watson and Cortana)
  • Internet of Things (hands-on software: MATLAB and ThingSpeak)
  • Robotic Process Automation with Intelligence layer (hands-on software: Automation Anywhere)
  • Smart Analytics (software: MindBridge Ai)

This course will provide students and professionals a 360 degree view of the current Artificial Intelligence techniques used in Business, Finance, Accounting and Auditing. Through a mix of lectures, hands-on exercises (code free!), case studies, reflection exercises and knowledge-check quizzes, this course will provide a quick and deep overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business.

Artificial Intelligence for Finance, Accounting & Auditing
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