Radford University | Best in the Southeast | Virginia

Radford University | Best in the Southeast | Virginia

Radford University | Best in the Southeast | Virginia
Radford University

Radford University | Virginia | Best in the Southeast

A very renowned university in Virginia is Radford University. It is student-centred and focused on providing outstanding academic programs for more than 10,000 students. 

Radford University is famous for its strong faculty and student’s bond. Its innovative use of technology in the learning environment and vibrant student life on a beautiful campus the university offers unlimited opportunities to be involved and succeed in and out of the classroom programmes.

Radford is a comprehensive university that has received several recognitions for many of its academic programs in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

It serves the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation from its various academic, cultural, human service and research programmes. The University is offering more than 70 Bachelor’s Degree programs in 47 disciplines. 

Also, three associate degrees and around sic certificates. For doctoral programs, it offers twenty-eight master’s program in 23 disciples and six programmes of a doctorate at the graduate level.

Unlimited opportunities for growth, learning and collaboration are being offered at the Radford University. Radford is completely and dedicatedly committed to the development of a mature, responsible, and well-educated citizens from the upcoming generation. 

Not only Radford University acquires a diverse body of knowledge but also it’s graduates will possess a love towards learning and a wide range of intellectual skills which enables the students to meet the upcoming challenges and realize the promise of living in multicultural, ever-changing, and a complex world.

The University is providing a plethora of high-quality degree options in six different colleges since 1910. No matter you are interested in accounting, dance, education or nursing you will get a higher level of satisfaction in your academics throughout your life. 

The students will find a quality educational program which is going to fit for your aspiration.

Admissions is somewhat competitive as the Radford acceptance rate is 75%.

Popular majors include Liberal Arts and Humanities, Psychology, and Criminal Justice and Safety Studies. Graduating 59% of students, Radford alumni go on to earn a starting salary of $36,400.

There are more than 200 student organizations, more than 20 fraternities and sororities and recreational sports to explore.

The school, often abbreviated to RU, offers more than 150 academic programs, including graduate degrees in business, health and art. Students have many ways to get involved on the RU campus.

Student athletes can join more than a dozen RU Highlanders varsity sports teams, which compete in the NCAA Division I Big South Conference.

Students who want get some exercise off campus can go bicycling, kayaking or fishing in the nearby river and mountains.

There is a special University core which is a series of four interdisciplinary courses in a Core Foundation course. These are the courses synthesize the skills in critical thinking, oral communications, written communications, technology, and information literacy, and ethical reasoning for a student.

Academics at Radford University
     Undergraduate Course
     Postgraduate course
     Doctorate Degree
     Certification in specific courses

Radford University serves the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation through a wide range of academic, cultural, human service and research programs.
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