Python for Beginners: Anyone Can Code

Python for Beginners: Anyone Can Code

Python for Beginners: Anyone Can Code
Python for Beginners: Anyone Can Code

Python for Beginners: Anyone Can Code

Learn Python programming with entertaining examples. Make your computer talk, draw graphics, and create an arcade game.

What you'll learn

  • Learn the parts of a computer and what they do - RAM, CPU, and storage
  • How to write simple programs in Python
  • How to handle input and output
  • How to use variables to store data while your program runs
  • How to use loops to write code to repeat steps until a condition is met.
  • How to use logic and control to change the flow of execution
  • How to use turtle graphics to draw colorful graphics
  • Fundamental Python skills you can continue to build on
  • How to use the debugger
  • How to generate random numbers
  • How to use functions to re-use code and break up programs into smaller pieces
  • How to create a simple arcade style game
  • The ability to type 15 words per minute is recommended
  • A PC or Mac computer
  • Curiosity to learn and experiment. This course can be enjoyed by both adults and kids (5th Grade and above recommended).
  • Students should understand basic Math operations (multiplication, division, remainder, addition, and subtraction) with decimal numbers.

Learn to Code with Simple and Fun Hands On Videos

Do you want to learn to code? Maybe you are interested in programming as a career or a hobbyist who wants to create code for your own projects? Or, maybe you’re a parent with a student who would love to write code. 

If so then this is the course you're looking for. This course is designed to teach Python programming to absolute beginners.   Students as young as 5th grade have completed this entire course.

Following my step-by-step videos you will write fun and entertaining programs – and at the same time gain core programming skills. This course is loaded with 10 hours of fun hands-on examples and challenges.

You’ll make your computer talk, draw colorful 2D graphics, and we’ll cap off the course by creating an arcade style space game – complete with animation, keyboard controls, and sound effects.

That's not all with over 140 lectures, challenges, and solutions there are many more cool programs you will create.  All you need is a Mac or PC and a little curiosity. At the end of this course, you will have gained basic programming skills that you can continue to build on.

Python is One of the Most Popular Programming Languages

Python is one of the top programming languages in use. Companies like Netflix, Google, Instagram, and Facebook all use Python. Many universities now teach Python in their introductory computer science classes. Python is even used in some college science classes such as Physics for simulations.

If you want to pursue a career in software development, this course is a great first step into programming. Or, you may just want to learn as a hobby or for fun to express your creativity in your own projects!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning Python programmers who are curious about learning Python as their first programming language
  • Those wanting to take a first step in exploring programming
Python for Beginners: Anyone Can Code

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