Marketing Skills and How to Build Them

Marketing Skills and How to Build Them

Marketing Skills and How to Build Them
Marketing Skills

Marketing Skills and How to Build Them

There's a key distinction between understanding the basics of core marketing skills how to building them into powerful tools that help you achieve your goals

Let's talk about some of these skills and how you can use them in your everyday marketing processes.

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Five Essential Marketing Skills

1. Communication

Communication is at the heart of every marketing process or skill you will ever learn. All successful marketers have one thing in common – they can communicate clearly, effectively and persuasively.

It’s tempting to assume that every web marketer has an innate ability to deliver their marketing messages clearly.

2. Web Content

Web content is diverse, and becoming increasingly sophisticated. In other words, web content is not just limited to text on a web page. As a marketer, you must know the ins and outs of all types of web content.

This includes everything from podcasts to promotional video to infographics to photo sharing to blogs to social media updates, and so on.

3. Search Engine Marketing

While search engine marketing (SEM)  is not inherently difficult to learn, it’s not always easy to keep track of. That is, SEM is always evolving and changing on almost a daily basis.

you’ll need to watch up and coming trends on a daily basis to make sure you are informed to major changes in search  marketing.

4. Persuasive Writing

As a web marketer, you will be writing – a lot. However, it’s not enough that you know how to string a few words together in a sentence. Good marketers know good writing, and good writing persuades. When a reader happens upon your content, they should be moved to take action when they’re done reading.

5. Social Media

Everything on the web is linked or can be linked to a social network of some kind. In fact, as a marketer you'll find that the majority of your target market or audience is engaged on a social network of some sort.

you’ll spend a great deal of time understanding these social media tools, and the types of conversations your target audience are having.

Social media is always changing, Staying current on up and coming social media trends is crucial to your survival as a marketer.
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