Good Blog Names: How to find the Perfect Name for Your Blog

Good Blog Names: How to find the Perfect Name for Your Blog

Good Blog Names: How to find the Perfect Name for Your Blog
Good Blog Names: Four Rules You Must Follow to Find the Perfect Name for Your Blog

Good Blog Names: Four Rules You Must Follow to Find the Perfect Name for Your Blog

A blog name generator is a tool that can help you come up with unique how to find a good name for your blog automatic blog name generator tool .

And as they say, the first impression is the last impression.

The rules of naming blogs are decidedly different from the rules of naming business websites. Blogs rely heavily on the strength of their brand identity to draw visitors. Which is why following the rules below is essential to finding a high quality blog name

1. Blogs are Not Websites

This may sound obvious, but far too few people realize the difference between naming a blog and naming a website.

Keep this cultural code in mind when finding a name for your blog. What may be offensive or flippant for a magazine or website is completely acceptable for a blog. Cliché as it may be, you are limited only by your imagination (and the domain availability, of course!).

When naming blogs, keep these three things in mind:

  • Keywords are Irrelevant: Using a keyword rich domain can actively sabotage your chances of success as a blogger. This is one of the reason why almost none of the top 100 Techorati blogs have strong keyword profiles. This also frees you from the burden of finding keyword rich domain names, virtually all of which have been taken.
  • Look for Thematic Relevance: Instead of keywords, search for thematic relevance in your blog name.
  • Length is Important, But Not So Much: Old-school domain name guides usually stress the importance of domain length. With modern browsers and Google Instant, length isn’t that much of a constraint. Try to stick to a maximum of two words (and in a rare case, three words) that don’t extend beyond 20-25 characters.
2. Two Words is Good, One Word is Better

Reality of finding a name for your blog is that most half-decent one word domains are already registered. Unless you come up with a strikingly original one word, you will most likely have to settle for a two word domain name.

3. Does it Pass the Phone Test?

Before you pick a blog name, make sure that it passes the 'phone test'. Simply pick up the phone, call a friend and tell him about your new blog name. If your friend has to ask twice to understand the blog name, you should head back to the drawing room.

  • Drop the 'The': The’ before your blog name. Web surfers are typically unaccustomed to including a ‘The’ before website names and will invariably land up on the non-The web address ('' instead of ''). You will need an extremely strong brand profile (like to overcome this loss in traffic.
  • Use Misspellings Carefully: One of the things Web 2.0 gave us was the intentionally misspelled domain name (, Most such 'missing vowel' domain names have already been taken.
  • Consider Phonetics: There is a reason why Z, Q, X and J carry some of the highest letter values in Scrabble – very few words in the English language start with these letters. Keep this in mind when picking a blog name. Names with common letters like D, M, N, P, B, S, etc. are usually easier to pronounce.

Naming your blog can be challenging, especially given the lack of easily available, high quality domain names. But if you understand the rules (or rather, the lack of rules), you can easily find high quality, low priced domain names for your blog.
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