Ultimate Excel Training Course - Intro to Advanced Pro

Ultimate Excel Training Course - Intro to Advanced Pro

Ultimate Excel Training Course - Intro to Advanced Pro
Ultimate Excel Training Course - Intro to Advanced Pro

Ultimate Excel Training Course - Intro to Advanced Pro

Accelerate Your Career. Navigation Shortcuts, Formatting Tips, Functions, Formula, Charts, Graphs, Pivot Tables, Macros!

What you'll learn

  • Microsoft Excel - From Intro to Advanced Pro Knowledge
  • Financial Modeling in Excel
  • 100+ Navigation Shortcuts and Formatting Tips In Excel
  • Over 100+ Formula and Functions In Excel
  • Charts and Graphs In Excel
  • Create Beautiful Dashboards Including Sales Funnels
  • Pivot Tables and Slicers in Excel
  • Macros In Excel
  • All of our lessons include real life examples so you'll know how to apply the formula, functions, charts, graphs, pivot tables, macros and more!
  • No specific requirements. Our lessons are taught with step by step instructions.

15+ Hours of Ultimate Excel Training from beginner to advanced. Take this course and become proficient in Excel overnight. 

Taught hands on from a Silicon Valley CFO with advanced financial modeling knowledge. Over 115+ lessons and examples are taught in this course to provide a practical and hands-on approach .

In this course you'll learn 100+ navigation shortcuts and formatting tips, how to write over 60+ formula in Excel, use functions, macros, charts and graphs, and develop beautiful and advanced dashboards. 

As part of this course you will receive access to the full course materials including over 7 complete workbooks with over 115+ Excel worksheet leesons which accompany each lesson and contain the shortcuts, formula, and course explanations so that you can follow along on your own time.

Take this course if you're looking for a complete course with end-to-end Excel training. You can pick and choose which lessons you'd like to watch as each lesson contains its own worksheet and video to follow along.

There are 6 parts and a total of 8 workbooks as follows:

  • Excel Course Part 1 - Navigation & Formatting
  • Excel Course Part 1.1 - Navigation & Formatting - Data Set Example
  • Excel Course Part 2 - Functions
  • Excel Course Part 3 - Formula
  • Excel Course Part 4 - Charts & Graphs
  • Excel Course Part 4.1 - Charts & Graphs - Dashboards
  • Excel Course Part 5 - Pivot Tables
  • Excel Course Part 6 - Macros
Accelerate your career with our Ultimate Excel Training course today!

Who this course is for:

  • Business Professionals in Finance, Accounting, Investment Banking, and FP&A Roles
  • Finance and Accounting Professionals and Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone looking to accelerate their career by becoming a financial modeling pro in Excel

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