Learn to Use HPC Systems and SuperComputers

Learn to Use HPC Systems and SuperComputers

Learn to Use HPC Systems and SuperComputers
Learn to Use HPC Systems and SuperComputers

Learn to Use HPC Systems and SuperComputers

Learn to use High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems  and solve large computational problems. 

Supercomputers vs. HPC clusters. According to Jan Christian Meyer's Quora response: "Supercomputer isn't a name for one particular type of computer

This course assumes basic familiarity with the Bash command line environment found on GNU/Linux and other Unix-like environments. 

This course is of the first of its kind, should be your second step from my previous Educative course "Learn to Analyze Text Data in Bash Shell and Linux"

You'll learn:

  • Intro to HPC Systems and Supercomputers
  • HPC system's basic components
  • HPC software stack
  • HPC job schedulers and batch systems (PBS and Slurm with demos)
  • Introduction to parallel programming (Open MP, MPI and GPU coding)
Video demos are included, I think it is a must have course for students, researchers, big data analysts, and developers. It will help you to utilize High Performance Computing systems at your institution. 


1. Supercomputers and HPC clusters

  • A Little bit of Supercomputing history
  • Supercomputing examples
  • HPC cluster computers
  • Benefits of using cluster computing
2. Components of a HPC system
  • Components of a HPC cluster
  • Login node(s)
  • Compute node(s)
  • Master node(s)
  • Storage node(s)
3. HPC software stack
  • Access to HPC
  • Data Transfer
  • HPC software list
  • HPC software modules
  • Job Schedulers
4. PBS - Portable Batch System
  • Introduction to PBS
  • PBS basic commads
  • PBS `qsub`
  • PBS `qstat`
  • PBS `qdel` command
  • PBS `qalter`
  • PBS job states
  • PBS variables
  • A simple PBS job script
  • PBS interactive jobs
  • PBS arrays
  • PBS Matlab example
5. SLURM -Workload Manager
  • Introduction to Slurm
  • Slurm commands
  • A simple Slurm job
  • Slurm distrbuted MPI and GPU jobs
  • Slurm multi-threaded OpenMP jobs
  • Slurm interactive jobs
  • Slurm array jobs
  • Slurm job dependencies
6. Parallel programming - OpenMP
  • OpenMP
  • OpenMP basics
  • Open MP - clauses
  • OpenMP - worksharing constructs
  • OpenMP- Hello world!
  • Open MP - reduction and parallel `for-loop`
  • OpenMP - section parallelization
  • OpenMP vector addition
7. Parallel programming - MPI
  • MPI - Message Passing Interface
  • MPI program stucture
  • MPI - hello world!
  • MPI send/ receive
  • MPI `ping-pong` send and receive example
8. Parallel programming - GPU and CUDA
  • GPUs - graphics processing units
  • GPU Programming - CUDA
  • CUDA - hello world!
  • CUDA - vector additon demo
9. Conclusions and references
  • Conclusion
  • References

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