Learn Scala from Scratch

Learn Scala from Scratch

Learn Scala from Scratch
Learn Scala from Scratch

Learn Scala from Scratch

Learn how to program in Scala, one of the most popular programming languages in the world right now -- not just amongst developers, but even amongst massive companies like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Scala provides you the tools to build scalable programs easily and effectively. It's a statically typed, high-level language that combines functional programming and object-oriented programming into one flexible package.

This course will help you stay ahead of the curve, make awesome, scalable apps, and learn a highly coveted new programming language.


1. Getting to Know Scala

  • Who Should Take this Course
  • Scala: A History
  • A 'Scalable' Language
  • A Featurette: Scala Features
  • Who's Using Scala?
2. Variables and Types
  • Variables in Scala
  • Printing in Scala
  • Immutable Variables
  • Mutable Variables
  • Data Types
  • Challenge: Declaring a Variable
  • Solution Review: Declaring a Variable
  • Type Casting in Scala
  • Challenge: Type Casting
  • Solution Review: Type Casting
  • Strings and Other Literals
  • Type Inference
  • Chapter Quiz
3. Operating with Operators
  • A Brief Introduction to Methods and Functions
  • An Introduction to Operators
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Bitwise Operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Challenge: Using Multiple Operators
  • Solution Review: Using Multiple Operators
  • Operator Precedence
  • Challenge: Temperature Conversion
  • Solution Review: Temperature Conversion
  • Chapter Quiz
4. Strings and How to Use Them
  • An Introduction
  • String Interpolation with 's'
  • Challenge: Embed a Variable in a String
  • Solution Review: Embed a Variable in a String
  • String Interpolation with 'f'
  • Challenge: Formatting Strings
  • Solution Review: Formatting Strings
  • String Interpolation with 'raw'
  • Testing String Equality
  • Creating Multiline Strings
  • Splitting Strings
  • Finding Patterns in Strings
  • Replacing Patterns in Strings
  • Methods for Comparing Strings
  • Challenge: Searching a String
  • Solution Review: Searching a String
  • Chapter Quiz
5. Scala's Collection Library
  • A Brief Introduction to Objects and Classes
  • An Introduction to the Collection Library
  • foreach: A Collection Method
  • The Array Collection
  • ArrayBuffers
  • Challenge: Array of Integers
  • Solution Review: Array of Integers
  • Working with Lists
  • Challenge: Appending an Element to a List
  • Solution Review: Appending an Element to a List
  • Getting Started with Vectors
  • Creating a Range of Numbers
  • LazyList: A Lazy Version of List
  • Chapter Quiz
6. Control Structures
  • Control Structures in Scala
  • Decide with if
  • Optimizing an if Program
  • Challenge: Pass or Fail
  • Solution Review: Pass or Fail
  • Loop with while
  • Challenge: Oven is Ready!
  • Solution Review: Oven is Ready!
  • Iterate with for
  • Challenge: Array of Squares
  • Solution Review: Array of Squares
  • Exception Handling with try
  • Pattern Matching with Match
  • Challenge: Color Wheel
  • Solution Review: Color Wheel
  • Types of Patterns
  • Chapter Quiz
7. Getting Started with Functions
  • Defining a Function
  • Challenge: Absolute Value
  • Solution Review: Absolute Value
  • Evaluation Strategies
  • Quiz: CBV or CBN?
  • Code Termination
  • Recursive Functions
  • Challenge: Sum of Lists
  • Solution Review: Sum of Lists
  • Learning by Example: Newton's Method
  • Blocks
  • Challenge: Max with Nested Functions
  • Solution Review: Max with Nested Functions
  • Lexical Scope
  • Tail Recursion
  • Challenge: Tail Recursion
  • Solution Review: Tail Recursion
  • Chapter Quiz
8. Higher-Order Functions
  • What are Higher-Order Functions?
  • Learning by Example: Summation
  • Summation with Higher-Order Functions
  • Challenge: Write your First Higher-Order Function
  • Solution Review: Write Your First Higher-Order Function
  • Anonymous Functions
  • Summation with Anonymous Functions
  • Challenge: Anonymous Functions
  • Solution Review: Anonymous Functions
  • Functions Returning Functions
  • Currying
  • Summation with Currying
  • Expanding a Multiple Parameter List
  • Challenge: Using a Curried Function
  • Solution Review: Using a Curried Function
  • Chapter Quiz
9. Classes and Objects
  • Creating a Class in Scala
  • Objects of a Class
  • Creating an Object Using Constructor Parameters
  • Learning by Example: checksum
  • Singleton Objects: Companion
  • Singleton Objects: Standalone
  • Chapter Quiz
10. Conclusion
  • Where to Go from Here

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