Integrating Firebase with React

Integrating Firebase with React

Integrating Firebase with React
Integrating Firebase with React

Integrating Firebase with React

If you've tried to create a web app before, you know it's not always simple. Before you even start coding, you have to decide: which tools and frameworks do you use for the frontend? What platform do you use for the backend? How do you make them work together the way you want?

Pairing Firebase with React takes that stress away. Firebase is a cutting-edge backend platform that integrates beautifully with React apps, making your life considerably easier.

This course will teach you how to make use of Firebase's functionality in a React app. From basic authentication to complex topics like session handling, you'll leave with the ability to create and deploy awesome web apps with ease.

Along the way, you'll build your own React app, and then connect it to a Firebase backend.

We're also excited to share that this course features Educative's newest feature: A live VM. You'll now have access to a terminal with a native look and feel where you can modify code and see changes in real time - all inside your browser!


1. Getting Started!

  • What is Firebase?
  • Why Use Firebase in React?
  • What to Expect
  • Initializing the Application
  • Verify: Setup
  • React Router for Firebase
  • Verify: Routing
2. Firebase in React Setup
  • Setting Up the Environment
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Database
  • Firebase Hosting
  • Creating a React App
  • Project Configuration
  • Initializing Firebase
  • Exercise 1: Adding Firebase!
  • Provide Firebase in React
  • Exercise 2: Firebase in React!
3. Firebase Interface
  • Firebase's Authentication API
  • Exercise 3: Firebase Authentication
  • Sign Up with React and Firebase
  • Sign-Up Form Validation
  • Higher-Order Components
  • Final Touches
  • Exercise 4: Sign Up with Firebase
  • Sign In with React and Firebase
  • Exercise 5: Sign In with Firebase
  • Sign Out with React and Firebase
  • Exercise 6: Sign Out with Firebase
4. Session Handling
  • Session Handling with Firebase/React
  • Exercise 7: Session Handling
  • Session Handling with Higher-Order Components
  • Exercise 8: Optimized Session Handling
5. Password Features with Firebase
  • Password Reset
  • Password Change
  • Exercise 9: Password Reset and Change
6. Firebase Authorization in React
  • Protected Routes in React with Authorization
  • Exporting the Higher-Order Component
  • Final Enhancements
  • Exercise 10: Protected Routes
7. Firebase Real-time Database
  • Firebase Real-time Database in React
  • Exercise 11: Real-time Database!
  • Manage Users with Firebase's Real-time Database in React
  • Exercise 12: Our Final App!
  • What Next?

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