Become a Blockchain Developer

Become a Blockchain Developer

Become a Blockchain Developer
Become a Blockchain Developer

Become a Blockchain Developer

In this course, we will build blockchain concepts from the ground up. We will start with basic cryptography constructs, like hash functions and PKI encryption, to first build a solid base for understanding blockchain and appreciate its value.

Then, we will explore the Hyperledger Fabric technology by IBM using hands-on development environment within your browser. 

This course is a great starting point for engineers looking to develop expertise in blockchain technology with Hyperledger Fabric specialty.

In this course, you will deploy your own blockchain network, deploy chaincode on it and create an application that invokes your chaincode running in fabric network. You will also learn to manage fabric user identities in your application using wallets.


1. Introduction - Understanding Blockchain

  • Introduction
  • What is Blockchain?
  • Lack of Trust in Current System of Records - Automobile Industry
  • Cost of Trust in the Financial Industry
  • Lack of Trust in Current System of Records - Supply Chain
  • Terminology
  • Recap
2. The technology pre-reqs for understanding blockchain
  • Introduction
  • Hash Functions
  • Public Key Cryptography
  • Secure Communication using Public Key Cryptography
  • Digital Signatures using Public Key Cryptography
  • Public Key Infrastructure
3. Blockchain data storage
  • Blockchain Data Structure
  • Blockchain Playground
  • Blockchain Big Picture
4. Understanding the value of blockchain (Bitcoin example)
  • The Bitcoin Blockchain History
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • How Bitcoin Becomes Valuable
5. Hyperledger Fabric - Concepts
  • Introduction
  • Network Concepts
  • Transaction Processing
  • Development Components
6. STEP 1: Deploy first Fabric Network
  • Network Concepts
  • Deploy Your Network
7. STEP 2: Write and deploy Chaincode
  • Understanding Chaincode
  • Deploy Your Chaincode
8. STEP 3: Create a Client Application
  • Application Integration
  • Wallets and Identities
  • Deploy Client Application
  • Summary

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