Data Science for Non-Programmers

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Data Science for Non-Programmers

Data Science for Non-Programmers

Data Science for Non-Programmers

Ready to move past Excel for complex business analysis? Then you’ll find this course very helpful.

This hands-on introductory Data Science course is aimed at professionals and students who don't have any experience with programming. 

It will help you advance your career by preparing you to conduct meaningful data analysis in Python on any dataset — large or small.

You’ll begin with the fundamentals of Python, with focus on CSV files in Python, covering concepts like data preprocessing and Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). 

In the second half, you'll focus on predictive and inferential analysis using statistical and machine learning techniques, and learn how these techniques can help solve business problems.


  1. What is Data Science
  2. Python Basics
  3. Handling Tabular Data in Python
  4. Data Cleaning
  5. Exploratory Data Analysis
  6. Statistical Inference
  7. Predictive Models
  8. Machine Learning

 Data Science for Non-Programmers
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